Frequently Asked Questions

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Program Criteria

What subset of patients are you aiming to serve?
Am I eligible for the program even though I live alone?
Can I refer a friend or relative to the program?
Why am I not eligible for the Magnolia Meals at Home® program?
Are there other meal programs available through Meals on Wheels that I can be enrolled in if I'm not eligible for this program?

About the Meals & Delivery Service

How many meals do you serve under Magnolia Meals at Home?
When can I expect the first meal delivery?
When are the meal deliveries?

Meal deliveries will be scheduled Monday through Friday during the day. The local Meals on Wheels program will call ahead to schedule to ensure someone is home at the time of delivery. If no one is home, Meals on Wheels will try to contact you or your secondary contact at home or on a cell phone. If no contact is made, the meals will go back to the warehouse for redelivery. We will not leave deliveries at a person's home if there is no one there to receive the delivery.

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Is a Meals on Wheels vehicle going to show up at my doorstep?
What kind of meals can I expect?
Can I request a special meal, like a vegetarian or kosher meal?
Can someone help me put away all the meals delivered?

Patient Privacy Information

Who gets access to my name, address, and other personal information?
Will my name be used in marketing materials, press releases or other items?
What does the consent portion of the application mean?

Enrollment & Termination

Why do you need my physician's acknowledgement in order to enroll me in the program?
Can patients sign up again for another 2 months of meals?
How do I terminate the service?

Getting Involved & Volunteering

I'd love to share additional thoughts on the program. How can I do this?
I would like to get involved with the program. How can I volunteer?

More Information

Who can I call at Eisai for more information? CancerCare? Cancer Support Community? Meals on Wheels? Cornucopia Cancer Support Center?
Where can I find more information about nutrition for those living with cancer, and other support programs in my local community?
Are materials offered in languages other than English?
What are similar programs once the Magnolia Meals at Home Program ends?
What is the survey I received, and why do you want me to fill it out?
I have a concern about a side effect from a medication, who should I speak with?

Program Sponsor & Partners

Who is Eisai?
What is Eisai's role in the program, as well as Meals on Wheels, CancerCare's, Cancer Support Community's and Cornucopia Cancer Support Center's?
Why did Eisai choose the Woodcliff Lake, NJ, Andover, MA, Raleigh-Durham, NC and New Haven, CT regions?
Why did Eisai create this program?