Enrollment in Magnolia Meals at Home®
is Simple and Direct!

Is Magnolia Meals at Home Available in Your Area?
Eligible patients must live in or around Nutley, NJ, Cambridge, MA and New Haven, CT (as well as areas in New York, New Hampshire and Boston, MA).

If you think you or someone close to you meets the program criteria, please ensure you live within the participating regions by inputting your zip code here:

Enter Zip Code: Find Now

You can also find a full listing of eligible zip codes by clicking on the links below for each region:

Are You Eligible?

Cancer patients in these areas are eligible to enroll if they meet at least one of the following criteria*+:

  • Currently undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy (excluding radioactive iodine treatment), hormone or targeted therapy, including immunotherapy
  • Underwent surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or targeted therapy (including immunotherapy) in the last 3 months
  • Has been discharged from a hospital (admission was cancer related) in the last 3 months
  • Receiving adjuvant or neoadjuvant treatment (i.e., add-on therapy given before or after the main therapy)

You can download an enrollment form by clicking here. Visit the Contact Us page to send your completed enrollment form to your local advocacy representative. Program has limitations, including the number of meals eligible participants can receive. Potential monthly enrollment in program is limited.

*There are no requirements for financial need to participate in the program
+Patients currently participating in radioactive iodine treatment are not eligible for the program due to dietary restrictions associated with treatment

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You reside in an area where Magnolia Meals at Home is currently available!

To confirm if you or someone close to you
is eligible, please contact:

For New Jersey/New York/ConnecticutKathy Nugent of CancerCarePhone: 201-301-6809Email: knugent@cancercare.org

For Massachusetts/New Hampshire
Jane E. Brown of Cancer Support Community
Phone: 617-733-5848
Email: jane@cancersupportcommunity.org

Magnolia Meals at Home is not currently serving your area.

Please visit Magnolia Meal Train for a free option that simplifies the organization of givingand receiving meals.

In addition, we hope to make Magnolia Meals at Home available more broadly in the future, so please check back at a later date to determine if the program is available in your area. You can also visit our Nutrition & Recipes page for healthy meal ideas and recipes!