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Magnolia Meals at Home® partners offer excellent resources related to health-promoting foods and dietary wellness for people living with cancer.

Visit CancerCare or Cancer Support Community to learn more.

Certain types of cancer or cancer treatment may have specific dietary restrictions. Remember to consult with your health care team before making changes to your diet.

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Good nutrition is especially important when your body is fighting a disease like cancer. Eating the right kinds of foods may help manage treatment-related side effects. Side effects of cancer therapy may also affect a patient’s eating habits.i

Below are tips to help manage common eating difficulties during and after cancer treatment:

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Loss of appetite leading to unwanted weight loss & undernutritionii

  • Eat several smaller meals per day

  • Eat your largest meal when you feel most hungry

  • Prioritize high-protein foods in each meal while your appetite is strongest

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Nausea and vomitingii

  • Eat small amounts of food more often

  • Eat foods and sip on clear liquids at room temperature or cooler

  • Sip on beverages between meals rather than with meals

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  • Temporarily rely on ready-to-eat foods like frozen dinners, fruits and vegetables

  • Prepare food when you feel your best and freeze leftovers in meal-size portions

  • Try to drink plenty of fluids, including water, clear juices, sports drinks or broth

  • Accept help with meals from friends and family members

Tips for getting help with nutritioniii

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Seek professional help and talk to your doctor about services of a nutritionist or dietician at your treatment center

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List the foods you’ve been eating for the past seven days, share it with the nutritionist/dietician and ask for recommendations

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Ensure that a follow-up with the nutritionist is in place after the appointment and make sure to get an updated nutritional plan


Important Dietary Information Please note, certain types of cancer or cancer treatment may have specific dietary restrictions. Speak with your doctor before starting the Magnolia Meals at Home program to make sure the meals are right for you.

Note: These recipes are not part of the Magnolia Meals at Home menu.

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